Autumn League 2017: Season Format

A venue capacity 16 teams will take part in the 2017 Autumn League. Fixtures for the season can be found online. Details of the season structure are below.

All games are 32min - 2 x 16minutes


Leagues (7 weeks)

Teams have been split into two Leagues of eight. Teams have been seeded based on finishing positions in the Summer League.

All teams in each league will play each other once. The team who tops each league at the end of the 7 weeks will win a League winners plate - but that isn't the main prize.

League 1 - AOB, Cougars, Hornets, Sharks, Stormers, Tigers, Touch my Bristols, University of Bristol Bears

League 2 - Coalition of Scrumming Legends, Crowd Pleasers, Hurricanes, Mottweilers, No balls allowed!, PwC Piranhas, Touchy McTouchface, University of Bristol Badgers


Play-offs (2 weeks)

All teams will get two play-off games,  and a good chance of playing for some silverware. At the end of the Play-offs, all teams will be ranked 1-16 for the season.

Note the cross over with 8th in League 1 playing off in the Bowl Semi, and the winner of League 2 going up to play in the Plate Semi.


Semi-finals - 6th November

Cup Semi's

SF1 - 1st League 1 v 4th League 1

SF2 - 2nd League 1 v 3rd League 1

Plate Semi's

SF3 - 5th League 1 v 1st League 2

SF4 - 6th League 1 v 7th League 1

Bowl Semi's

SF5 - 8th League 1 v 4th League 2

SF6 - 2nd League 2 v 3rd League 2

Shield Semi's

SF7 - 5th League 2 v 8th League 2

SF8 - 6th League 2 v 7th League 2


Finals - 13th November

Cup Final - Winner SF1 v Winner SF2

3rd /4th - Loser SF1 v Loser SF2

Plate Final - Winner SF3 v Winner SF4

7th/8th - Loser SF3 v Loser SF4

Bowl Final - Winner SF5 v Winner SF6

11th/12th - Loser SF5 v Loser SF6

Shield Final - Winner SF7 v Winner SF8

15th/16th (Wooden Spoon) - Loser SF7 v Loser SF8